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Opening time:

Summer opening time:01.04.-01.10.
Summer service Saturday and Sunday

Monday-Friday 8-17 hours

  8-20 hours or on requirement
  8-17 hours


OMC-Cobra-Selva-Johnson-Evinrude-Mercruiser-Mercury-Suzuki-Chrysler service and supply of spare-parts from the above types



-boat servicing,getting of new and second-hand spare-parts
-stable and changing boat stock with outer and inner motors.On requirement getting of boats from abroad and inland as well.
-complete plastic repairing,with total or local varnishing.If possible,replacement of the original factory condition.


-service of outer and inner motors in the following brands:
Steyer,VolvoPenta,Tohatsu,Rotax,König,Yamoto,Tomos,OMC –Cobra, Selva,




-organisation and settlement of motor- and sailing driver courses
-theoretical and practical teaching
-teaching and examin of maritime sailing boats and motor boats

Our frim was growed by a car service since 01.06.2002. which adresse is the following:
2645.Nagyoroszi,Lehel tér 2.

Opening time:now Monday-Friday   8-16 hours,but it will be longer in the near future.

Activity domain:

1. service of motor vehicle
-trucks up to 3500 kg
-caravans and trailers up to 1500 kg
-agricultural tractors,slow vehicles

2. periodical technical examin and preparing for examin of all types of motor vehicles (up to 3,5 t) ,trailers and caravans,being in circulation in Hungary

3. selling and buying of spare-parts and accessories

4. selling and buying of new and second-hand cars

5. examin and test of motor vehicle,arrangement of examin of surroundings protection,settlement of examin of origin

6. locksmith’s works,varnishing works

7. insurance settlement of cars,got into collision

8. consultation

9. organisation of driving courses

10. complete renewal of motors and main pieces

11. tyre levelling,selling and buying of new and second-hand tyres

12. selling of electrical self-starter generators

13. discount price for firms,having several car

14. contractual car servicing and periodical examin

Our firm has a more decennial past in connection with motor boat reparation,renewal and dealing,which is showed by good business relation with several foreign firms as well (Volvo-Penta,Mercury,and so on).
The owner and managing director of the firm, Mr. Ferenc Csákó is the motor boat racer of the club Király Power Team (1031.Budapest,Római part 9. ) as well. He is taking part on F 500 European Championship,O-700 European and World Championship and F-3 World Championship.During his sport career he was several times the winner on European and World races.

His results till now:

  • Twofold team World Championship  winner
  • Single team European Championship winner
  • Single team European Championship placed second
  • Fivefold single World Championship placed third
  • Single World Cup winner
  • Single World Cup placed third 
  • And manifold Austrian, German, Polish and Hungarian Champion.

The race boat is type of catamaran,which is specially made for race.His max. speed is 170-200 km/h.
We are looking forward to your pecuniary assistance to cover the expenses of the race season and the spare-parts.We could advertise our sponsors during the races and the travelon the race boats,trailers and microbus,further we have the possibility to place advertisement signs on the race,in the depo on a surface of cca 5x 5 m.The overalls of the racers and mechanics are an excellent possibility for the advertisement as well.

Price of storage of boats:
in case of annual contract : 25.000.- Ft/month up to 21 feet
36.000.-Ft/month between 21-30 feet
48.000.-Ft/month over 30 feet
summer and winter as well

without annual contract:    30.200.-Ft/month up to 21 feet
43.200.-Ft/month between 21-30 feet
57.600.-Ft/month over 30 feet
storage for a day                  6.000.-Ft
The prices include the tax.

Let down and up by the boats,which are stored here:3.500.-Ft + tax
Let down and up of other (not stored here)boats:5.300.-Ft + tax

We kindly ask you to pay the storage up to 5th of month.You can pay by cash or by banking transfer.In case of default of payment we can not store the boat and we can not take responsability for it (nor financial,not either moral),we have to put the boat on the street and
the owner has to bring it away.
We have to charge storage for the boats after finishing service works and after informing the owner about it.
You can take out the boat from our site only after paying all the costs related the boat (in case of examen of trailer,river trip,transport to other firma as well)

We would like to call your attention that the whole sum of the storage should be paid in case as well if you bring away the boat for some days or weeks.
Only the employees of our firm can work on our site and on the boatyard on the boats and on the trailers.

Address: Király Motorcsónak Szerviz
1031.Budapest, Római part 19/a.

Next to the Danube, not far from the North by-bridge.
By car you must turn off from the Nánási street or you can go by bus nr.106.

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Managing director: Ferenc Csákó
F-500 motorboat racer
Service nr..00-36-30-302-3926

Car service: 2645 Nagyoroszi, Lehel tér 2.